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E liquid, e-juice, ag, aqueous glycerine, flavours, nicotine base – Vapers Emporium UK

Vapers Emporium UK Ltd we specialise in vaping and E Liquid. Vapers Emporium offer customers the solution that is one of the most adaptable and customisable ways of enjoying a safer, healthier and more cost effective alternative to tobacco and cigarettes, Vapers Emporium UK Ltd have spent the time and research to presenting a reliable way of delivering an authentic nicotine experience but without the many dangers and social aspects of conventional tobacco smoke. Vapers Emporium’s e liquids are the way forward for many tobacco smokers, who perhaps are looking for a cheaper way to smoke or who are looking at alternatives. One thing that e liquid does is authentically recreate the way in which smokers gain their satisfaction from tobacco.

Providing a superb array of DIY liquids that UK customers demand, Vapers Emporium ensure that your satisfaction is guaranteed, presenting a cleaner, safer, completely sociable way to enjoy tobacco without the presence of harmful toxins, chemicals and thick acrid tar that forms in the lungs of smokers and passive smokers. There are many types of product on the market, however the principal is consistent across the ranges. The range of e liquid that we sell is all GMCS tested. The UK liquid that we provide is made from pharmaceutical ingredients (Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerine and nicotine) to which is added various flavourings and differing levels of nicotine.

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E Juice

As it currently stands there is no concrete proof that electronic cigarettes are healthy or that e juice or liquid poses no threat, however there is evidence that supports claims that this choice is far cleaner, healthier and safer alternative to conventional cigarettes.

Accepted widely in society and available in an array of strengths and flavours ranging from traditional tobacco and menthol flavours to a mixture of floral and fruit inspired liquids, each offers a unique chance for a smoker to fine tune their exact choice to best suit their requirements and preferences. This exciting and revolutionary alternative to tobacco based cigarettes has liberated many smokers from the confines inflicted by the smoking ban of 2007, presenting a socially acceptable way to enjoy a hit of nicotine where all that is exhaled is water vapour that dissipates quickly into nothing. Generating no lasting unpleasant odours, our electronic cigarettes offer you the chance to try different strengths and flavours of liquid without causing a disturbance to others. No tar and no nicotine is expelled on an exhale.

E Cig Liquid – Cheap E Liquid

Possibly the best part of the process of using an electronic cigarette is in the operation of the actual atomiser itself. This advanced unit takes the specially formulated e cig liquid and turns it from a liquid state into a vapour that is inhaled, efficiently delivering nicotine to the body and providing the same instant relief that smokers receive when inhaling conventional tobacco smoke.

One important factor that has generated an interestingly popular response from field studies and tests is the cost effectiveness of refilling your E cigarette. After purchasing the initial product, a user will then only have to purchase cheap E Liquid refills or alternatively purchase the ingredients, such as 72 mg nicotine liquid, nicotine base, aqueous glycerine, ag, tfa flavors, 500ml e-liquid & base flavours, from Vapers Emporium to create their own tailored liquid to best suit their tastes and requirements. Costing on average up to two thirds less than their tobacco counterparts, e cig liquid is and can be far better on your pocket, not to mention your health and clothes.

Safer for those around you and tailored to suit your personal tastes if required, the fact is that here at Vapers Emporium UK Ltd we take care of your nicotine needs; providing you with the reliable source for high quality yet affordable cheap e liquid that you can easily use to satisfy your nicotine needs. Discover the pleasure and the benefits that come with using an electronic cigarette from us today.